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Rehearsal pt 9

!!!if theres anyone who doesnt have a smackjeeves account who likes this silly comic please make an account and fave it or comment on it i'd really appreciate it :'o!!! ------------------ A comic about a very beautiful woman and a very unfortunate vampire. Basically a dumb cliche romance probably. Phantom of the Opera and other musicals inspired this Warnings(subject to change and whatnot) Violence, blood, injury, corny dialogue, swearing, murder probably, illegible writing because i suck, phantom of the opera references, Uh, maybe like sad things. Ugly drawings. --- Feel free to critic the hell out of everything. (Please critic the hell out of everything.)


» Give me a bit

Ty rahana & Sierra for reading my silly comic and also to the two people who have followed it so far ;)

I've been thinking about changing some stuff I have planned out and that's gotta be mulled over a tad, and also I'm kinda confused as to the scenes following the second page. I want to explain some things about Irene, but I don't know how to do that in an interesting way. Maybe I should have thumbnailed everything a bit back lol.

Main characters should be coming up in the comic within the next couple of pages, but idk when those will be. It takes a Damn Long time to make pages the way I've been doing it and I need a way to make it in an easier and more pleasing way, it's kind of messy and awkward to view at the moment. I need to make a cast image and a kind of cover at some point.

I plan on updating within the week starting today. Until then, thanks .

» Hello!!!

My name is Cazzet or Yukio, whichever you prefer to call me. I'm 17, I'll be a senior in high school in the fall, and this is the first ACTUAL comic of this sort I've done!!! So I'm really excited!!! Of course, I've been making dumb comics my whole life, and I've had concepts and plans for comics and videogames and cartoons since I was very young.

This is NOT one of the stories I have been developing very long, so you must forgive me for sudden character design changes, because I have a knack for making characters look different after a while because I'm bad at making decisions (I changed how Kyle looks on the first page already.)

I'm extremely new to this sort of stuff, again, all the other comics I've ever made were strictly doodles and silly stuff, and lots of panels smooshed into one page. I'm already really pleased with what I've accomplished so far, and I've only completed one page!

I get majorly anxious about stuff like this, so you'll have to forgive me if I act strangely or overly polite!!!

If you are also a comic creator, feel free to criticize everything I do or give me tips! I would appreciate it.

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